Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Polka dots and happy thoughts!

As promised, here's the one on my polka dotted 2 month old friend! I like blogging about inanimate objects just to give them a life of their own. You know, one of these things you'd do to keep coming back to certain things in your life. A momentary or fleeting past time if you will. If you don't know what am talking about, am sure you will once you've read this.

One touch was all it took for my palms to melt. Made with the softest threads and the brightest colours, my candid comforter added some spice to my life. I usually don't like bright pink. But this one was entirely an exception. I bought it from a friend who didn't like the colour when she received this by courier. Apparently it was too bright. I didn't mind because it was smooth as silk and was seamlessly thick. Now, for those who are unfamiliar with "comforters", they happen to be a type of blanket. Pretty thick but I think with gold dust inside and a lot of powder puffs! When I leave this place, am going to see what actually lies inside and then knit it all back and take it with me of course.

The jazzy C I have come to believe, has some magical powers. Beneath that Mille-feuille of soft cloth lies something mystical. The minute you lay your hands on it, you are overcome by some form of relaxation. All your worries are guaranteed to be dismissed with that. It has to be felt to be believed. Nothing like a close friend, a 90's movie, strawberries, a pseudo bean bag like couch, and my cozy comforter. Always with me, come hot or cold, in joy or sadness, my only friend with whom I can be myself. And something I can introduce to my folks! (maybe thats taking it a bit too far) If you've seen  The Jetsons and you remember Judy's talking diary, you know what am talking about. Except, I won't go overboard and say that my comforter talks to me. When I let my imaginations run wild, I do try keeping them on a short leash.

Jazzy C has a life of her own. Yeah its a she. If you didn't get that till now, I have nothing to say. Also, if you ask me why write about a blanket, well, I don't have an answer. Sometimes it helps to draw attention away from all the drama in life and just channel it all into something new. Just like how you want to think of a sunny day with bright skies, a rainbow across, birds chirping and laughing voices when deep inside you have a thousand thoughts on your mind and the world is on your shoulders.

Every blog has something to give back. See what you can find in this one and let that be your comforter.



Atul said...

Hey sumu, this was something little different than usual, so liked it very much. U seriously did put life into your sweet comfortor!! and as it is a she!! well ENJOY !! he he

Tk care

Sherry Chen said...

Ha,you have blog~ I just build one, welcome to visit:


intasa said...

You owned me!
You tossed me around and little thought,
What pains to me your bites had brought.
I cried and cried, and I bled blue
Farewell to you and I bleed no more.